Guidance for Liquidity Mining

Welcome to the Fresh, Sweet Berry Farm

Dear all Berry lovers and BRY holders, we are excited to announce the launch of Berry Farm on Berry Data's official website. The phase I farm campaign will take place at 5 PM, March 1st (SGT). According to the token model of Berry Data, the token allocation for liquidity mining is 1,875,000 BRY, which is 15% of the total supply. In Phase I Berry Farm, a total of 1,000,000 BRY will be provided and the activity will last for 180 days. All Berry farmers will get 3x BRY rewards in the first 30 days!

The Berry Farm

Stake $BRY+$BNB LP, to earn $BRY!

Total Supply: 1,000,000 $BRY

Distribution Duration: 180 days

Farm Start: 5 PM, March 1st (SGT)

Get 3x $BRY rewards in the first 30 days, then 1x $BRY rewards after!

How to Farm

  1. Buy $BRY

  2. Buy $BNB

  3. Get $BRY-$BNB LP tokens by adding BRY and BNB liquidity

  4. Go to Berry Data website, click “Unlock Wallet”

  5. You have gotten LP tokens from step 3. Next, go to the Berry Farm page and click “Select” for the mining

  6. Click the “+” button to stake your liquidity tokens.

  7. Enter the number of liquidity tokens you want to stake and click “Confirm”.

  8. Done! Now you are mining BRY tokens!

BRY token contract address on Binance Smart Chain:

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