Want to know the future plans for Berry? You've come to the right place.

🚩 2020Q3

Project setup: Complete creating a team with professional and experienced talents; complete whitepaper, product design, economic model, etc...

🚩 2020Q4

Technology development, and launch BSC(Binance Smart Chain) testnet.

🚩 2021Q1

Launch Berry Data Mainnet
  • Berry Data Oracle can provide on-chain data feeds in every 2.5 minutes on request
  • Miner tools will be released and miners can win BRY tokens rewards and services tips by providing data feeds in Berry oracle
  • Data feeds "plug-in" tools will be released that dApps on Binance Smart Chain can easily access and require on-chain price feeds by easily engaging with Berry oracle
  • Creating more strategic partners

🚩 2021Q2

Berry Data V2 Will be Launched with an Upgrade in Smart Chain and Governance
  • The updated Berry Data smart chain will take into consideration of reputation and track records of miners and source of data as important components for data selection. Those well-behaved miners and high qualified sources can get extra bonuses.
  • Disputes Center will be launched where every BRY token holder can monitor and dispute error data. Those who execute successful disputes will win huge rewards from the team.
  • More partners will be on board to access on-chain data feeds through Berry Data

🚩 2021Q3 ~ Q4

  • Building a bigger and stronger Berry Data ecosystem
  • Keep polishing the oracle product

🚩 2022

  • Add more data feeds, aggregate and connect real-world data and APIs to smart contracts
  • Launch V2 Berry Data oracle platform with improved feature and user experience
  • Multichain development
  • Expand into more countries and regions market
  • Onboard more strategic partners
  • Additional NFT extending
  • Explore oracle facilities to support NFT, gaming, and metaverse