Want to know the future plans for Berry? You've come to the right place.

🚩 2020Q3

Project setup: Complete creating a team with professional and experienced talents; complete whitepaper, product design, economic model, etc...

🚩 2020Q4

Technology development, and launch BSC(Binance Smart Chain) testnet.

🚩 2021Q1

Launch Berry Data Mainnet
    Berry Data Oracle can provide on-chain data feeds in every 2.5 minutes on request
    Miner tools will be released and miners can win BRY tokens rewards and services tips by providing data feeds in Berry oracle
    Data feeds "plug-in" tools will be released that dApps on Binance Smart Chain can easily access and require on-chain price feeds by easily engaging with Berry oracle
    Creating more strategic partners

🚩 2021Q2

Berry Data V2 Will be Launched with an Upgrade in Smart Chain and Governance
    The updated Berry Data smart chain will take into consideration of reputation and track records of miners and source of data as important components for data selection. Those well-behaved miners and high qualified sources can get extra bonus.
    Disputes Center will be launched where every BRY token holder can monitor and dispute error data. Those who execute successful disputes will win huge rewards from the team.
    More partners will be on board to access on-chain data feeds through Berry Data

🚩 2021Q3 ~

    ETH main-net will be launched
    Building a bigger and stronger Berry Data ecosystem and keep polish the oracle product.
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